1 Corinthians 13:11, and a modern world ruled by overgrown children

2014-12-26_1437 1 Corinthians 13:11Not absolutely perfect myself in this regard – though conscious of my character flaws and striving for better – but it would appear the overwhelming majority of ‘grown-ups’ in the world today would be wise to heed this verse, and apply it. Instead, we have a society that is becoming more interdependent, immature, and stubbornly unthinking with each passing day. Overgrown children. It is reflected most prominently in the pop culture, but in many other ways, too. The decline of manners, for instance. This widespread immaturity is the ultimate root cause of our undeniable downfall as a society.

What is really starting to become alarming is just how goofy and child-like the young and even middle-aged women are now: They’re acting just like the boys do, or worse, and because they’ve been propagandized their whole lives by Marxists that they can do anything boys can do. The natural and traditional roles of the man, and the same of the woman, have been grossly perverted in our time. The damage resulting is all around us if only we take the time to look and have the discernment to know what we see. Look at all these forty-year-old ‘cougars,’ desperately trying to be teenagers again. It could manifest itself as something as simple as grown adults spending hours playing computer games that ought to be meant for little kids. There is a reason these computer games are pushed so heavily, for they’re an incredible distraction from what the powers-that-be – servants of Lucifer – don’t want us to know.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any practical political solution here. Sure, moral Christians who see the problem could be like the radical Muslims and try to enforce morality with violence and terror, but we’re more humane than that. The Democrats and Republicans have no solutions, and most of the time they’re just part and parcel of the problem (ISAIAH 3:12 – ‘… infants are their oppressors.’) The only real solution would be a mass awakening on the scale of which none of us alive have ever witnessed or could probably imagine. Which would start with billions accepting Christ as Savior and learning/applying the Word, particularly 1 Cor. 13:11. Until or if that ever happens, accept we are living through the fall of the Roman Empire, but never approve of the degradation; always strive to rise above it, always speak out against it, in Jesus’ name!

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