Where this page and its editor stands on white rights, and race in general

2015-01-03_1013 I stand with IsraelI’m all for supporting organizations and individuals that advocate for the rights of white people, because we are getting to the point in America where the balance has shifted far enough that we need it. However, going to many of these FB pages and such, there’s so much of this ‘blame the Jews’ and anti-Israeli mindset being served up, and I want nothing to do with that! Nor do I wish to engage in repressive acts against people of other races, particularly those who are good, Christian and Jewish people. I just want myself and other white people to be respected, for it to be acknowledged by all that it is a Judeo-Christian nation, and to stop being blamed for the all the evils of the world. Especially when it comes to the Jews, lay off of that absolute non-sense. It is an affront to God, they are the Chosen Ones, like it or not! Islam and God-less atheists are the enemy, period …

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