Freshman GOP Senator questions why food service employees should have to wash hands after using the bathroom

A tutorial on how to wash one's hands. Yes, some of you out there need it.
A tutorial on how to wash one’s hands. Yes, some of you out there need it.

Sorry, Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina, but this is most definitely not one area where government regulation has gone too far. Most likely, most food workers are probably not washing their hands as it is. Few things in this world are more disgusting, and ‘the market’ isn’t going to fix the problem should businesses be allowed to post signs saying they don’t require their employees to wash their hands (in lieu of federal law mandating it, as is Tillis’ specific suggestion.) No, because most of the customers don’t wash their hands, and don’t care. A good percentage of them – customers and workers alike – can barely read, so forget that idea. Of course, it stands to reason that restaurants would be eager for their employees to use basic hygiene, but on any given day scores of restaurants in this country are cited for violations. Reason really doesn’t apply to very much in this twisted world. Wash your hands, people! Above is a tutorial, in case one doesn’t know how or has forgotten …

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