Is God punishing the Northeast – via the weather – for the U.S. government turning its back on Israel, and on the people for turning their back on Him?

2015-02-05_1045 More snow heading our way

‘Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.’Galatians 6:7

ANOTHER huge snowstorm is about to visit this area coming Sunday, and this one is projected to last several days, non-stop. Just in the past week-and-a-half, Boston has received an entire winter’s average of snow. There is literally nowhere left to pile any of it. Kids have had so many snow days that they’ll be lucky if they’ll be left with a mere week or two of summer vacation. Boston did manage to successfully pull off a victory parade for the New England Patriots, but it wasn’t easy and has come with much controversy (as in snow removal in other parts of the city was neglected.) Winters are always cold in the Northeast, and usually we might get a few big snowstorms here and there, spread out over the season. What’s happening now is not normal.

Why is it that anytime the United States government demands Israel cede some of its territory, a major natural disaster of some sort strikes? The current president, undeniably, is the least-friendly U.S. leader the Israelis have ever dealt with. When also taking into the account the God-less, liberal culture embraced and enforced in the Northeast, is it crazy to question whether we are being punished by God with this unusual weather pattern that just refuses to quit? Why was it that New Orleans, which embraces sin like few other places do, took the mighty wrath of Katrina? Why did the world’s largest Islamic nation, Indonesia, suffer through such a great tsunami a little over ten years ago? Hey, I’m just putting the question out there …

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