Media attack dogs go into conniptions after Rudy Giuliani says Obama does not love America

2015-02-19_1848 Rudy GuilianiThe former New York mayor told the truth, but no matter: You media hacks need to start doing your jobs instead of being cheerleaders and propagandists for this narcissistic madman. Who wants to ‘fundamentally transform’ something they love? The truth is, nobody on the left truly loves America, though many deceive themselves into believing they do. And how dare anyone ever call them out: These are bullies, starting at the very top with Obama himself, and they’re determined all citizens will believe every single lie and distortion they serve up, or else. If they say ‘two plus two equals five,’ you damn well better answer ‘five’ when asked. We’re really not as far removed from show trials and public executions as the ‘reasonable’ folks with their heads in the sand want to think. Only a matter of time if the Marxists of America continue to lord over us as they have been.

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