Quite possibly the two most deadly Islamist terrorist armies on the planet are now aligned with each other

2015-03-08_0041 ISIS and Boko Haram uniteNigeria’s Boko Haram has pledged allegiance to ISIS. The Western world has no desire to declare a global war on Islam, and is capitulating at seemingly every turn. To think any of this political correctness is going to save us is naive and foolhardy to the extreme. For all of Obama’s phony equivocating over the Islamists not being ‘true’ Muslims, and so forth, does it matter one way or the other when the Islamists undeniably have the entire Muslim world under their firm control? Few and far between are the ‘good’ Muslims who dare speak out against the supposed corruption of their faith. The ‘good’ Muslims stay silent, either in fear of their lives or because they quietly support the Jihadi cause. The fact is, if one were to delve deep into who the Prophet Muhammad really was, one would realize ISIS and the rest of these barbarians are merely following his example. We have search engines, go do your own research, folks. Look up how Muhammad was a vicious murderer of Jews, and look into his lust for young children. The point is, Islam in the 21st Century is controlled with an iron fist by the most evil and brutal tyrants on the planet. Those tyrants have declared war on the Judeo-Christian world and against everyone else who does not share their primitive, Satanic beliefs. We’re at war whether we like it or not, only we’re playing defense when we should be on offense. The real question is, which side is Obama on? The answer to that question becomes clearer with each passing day, and just the thought of the consequences for the United States and all of humanity are almost too much to bear. Naturally, all of this is just stating the obvious for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear: But how many of those are left?

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