A note of caution on Hillary Clinton

2015-03-15_1120 Hillary ClintonAfter Obama, do any of us really believe there could ever be enough dirt on any politician who the establishment is determined to unleash upon us that could bring that person down? The Obamas, Clintons, and even establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush (to the extent they don’t interfere with a favored Democrat, at least)) are Teflon. All the recent scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton is certainly interesting and should be cause to disqualify her from office, but will it? The American people today will swallow any crap if they’re pushed hard enough into doing so. Which isn’t to say the establishment won’t push Hillary aside for, say, Elizabeth Warren. Always a possibility, but for now she will continue to get away with anything and everything, just as the Clintons always have for decades. In other words, let’s not go crazy in thinking scandal is going to bring Hillary down – unless the establishment wants it that way – because things just don’t work the way they should anymore in this country, and most of the people are too busy taking ‘selfies’ to care.

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