U.S. Air Force vet charged with attempting to flee to Syria and into the waiting arms of ISIS

2015-03-17_1553 ISIS

Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh, the man charged by federal prosecutors with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, had already spent the past year working in the Middle East, being highly skilled in avionics and weapons systems. The surroundings must have played an influence, though it’s possible PTSD or other ailments ‘earned’ on-the-job could partially explain such a horrifying change of direction in character. Many calamities can be forgiven of suffering veterans, but treason is never to be tolerated for any reason. No matter one’s surroundings, how all of these people can be so easily brainwashed into this devilish cult is incomprehensible for those of good faith. But what is easy to understand is that for an American veteran to betray his nation in this way is the lowest, most vile form of treason. A man with Pugh’s technical skills would have been a bonanza for ISIS, and a curse upon the rest of us, so Praise God he was stopped before he could join up with the bastards. Now, off with his head …

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