A much-needed call for college kids to ‘stop acting like (they’re) made of sugar candy’

2015-03-25_2026 Little girlThe future looks bleak in these kids’ hands; long past time for the grown-ups to intervene and take back higher education and the culture as-a-whole from the Marxists. Lenore Skenazy writes:

What happens when a generation grows up being told that nothing is safe enough, not even a walk home from the park? Or that  they should never encounter a bad grade, or mean remark—these things are too wounding? Or that they didn’t lose the game, they are the “8th place winners!?”

Here’s what happens: At least a portion of them become convinced that they are extremely fragile. They need—they demand—the kind of life-buffers they’ve had since childhood.

Which brings us to this remarkable essay by Judith Shulevitz in Sunday’s New York Times. She details the demands students are making to feel “safe” on campus. But she’s not talking about physical safety; students want to be safe from debates. Safe from jarring ideas. Safely situated in a “safe place” (terminology previously associated with hurricanes and nuclear war) when some speaker somewhere on campus is even suggesting the possibility that we don’t live in a “rape culture.”

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