More Obama Regime treachery toward Israel as secret nuclear documents are declassified

2015-03-20_2124 Bibi reads Obama the riot actWhat other good reason was there to do this other than pure smite for Mr. Netanyahu and the nation & people he represents? From the Washington Times

The Obama administration has declassified a secret Pentagon document from 1987, which shows how Israel developed new nuclear technologies and kinetic energy weapons in the 1970s and 1980s.

The heavily redacted, 129-page report, titled “Critical Technological Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations,” describes the nuclear powers of the country as they blossomed over the span of two decades.

The report shows that Israel spent its research funds on developing short wavelength lasers capable of being attached to an F-15 fighter jet or an Air Force anti-satellite miniature homing device. Israel also began to develop codes that would enable the country to make hydrogen bombs.

In time, God will punish Obama and his minions for their evil, of this we can be sure. The real questions are, will he and they bring down the United States of America with them? And how much harm will they get away with bringing to the State of Israel and the Jewish people before they are finished? Blood is on your hands, Democratic voters …

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