The truth behind opposition to Indiana’s religious-protection law

2015-03-31_1448 IndianaLeftist scum are in full force intimidation-mode, re: Indiana. Anyone with a lick of common sense should realize protecting homosexuals is only a secondary consideration on their part (though certainly there is no more sacred right to most Marxists than the right to sodomy), and it’s all about silencing Christians first and foremost. As we see, most of corporate America is going along with the sodomite agenda, and most of the sheep either don’t know or care, or they’re going along with it, too. We are no longer the ‘Moral Majority,’ because the majority is gone. We’re outnumbered as Christians and conservatives, and are increasingly being vilified in larger society. Christians in today’s America are finding out now how Jews felt in 1930s Germany (and I mean before the death camps and the over-the-top, insane repression started; we’re not quite there just yet.) Especially in Indiana, Alabama, and the few other places that have demonstrated they want some moral standards to be left alone. Do not be even partially fooled by the motives of every last person decrying Indiana’s religious-protection law: Either they hate Christians or they are going along to get along like the rank cowards and vapid, all-feeling, unthinking morons they are. The ‘rights’ of homosexuals are just a convenient tool to shame the sheep into becoming active repressors of the Christian faith. Stand your ground, Hoosiers, for there are few left who will do so if you don’t …

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