Hordes of Central American minors, families continue to illegally cross the U.S. border

TO GO WITH AFP STORY: MEXICO-MIGRATION -A national firestorm was created in 2014 when tens of thousands of migrant children, along with some adults and families – chiefly from the Central American nations of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador – poured across the U.S. border. Nearly all of these illegals remain in the U.S., despite the outcry calling on the (completely unwilling) Obama Regime to deport them. Of course, beside the Regime itself, these migrants also had some very vocal bleeding-heart supporters. Once the number of migrants crossing appeared to slow down, the public went back to sleep and the media cycle moved on. But now it would appear the numbers of border-crossers is again on the rise, and this time the media is silent and the public unaware. To the contrary, can there be any doubt those, like the president, who are committed to amnesty and enforcing demographic change upon the U.S. are aware and giddy? Via an expert source, the Center for Immigration Studies

More than 2,000 illegal alien juveniles have been apprehended and taken into federal custody in each of the last several months, according to DHS statistics. While Obama administration officials emphasize that these numbers are lower than last year, they are still the second highest level ever for arrests of illegal alien minors, about midway between 2013 and 2014 levels. Most of those apprehended are male teenagers, with the largest number from Guatemala. The statistics confirm that Central Americans still see a strong incentive to head to the United States now, and that the drop in apprehensions reported last August and September was temporary.

While taking custody of roughly 2,000 illegal alien juveniles per month since the start of the 2015 fiscal year last October, ICE reports removing well under 200 juveniles per month. The largest number of these (41 percent) were sent home to Mexico.

The majority of illegal alien juveniles taken into ICE custody are ultimately released to family members in the United States, and only a small number are ever repatriated. About 90 percent of the recent Central American arrivals who had hearings scheduled last summer and fall failed to appear at their immigration hearings and have melted into the larger illegal alien population.

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