Black America largely silent as radical homosexuals hijack civil rights movement

2015-04-02_0113 Gay is the new blackIt seems pretty obvious on this end: The overwhelming majority of blacks will not go against ‘Dear Leader’ Obama for any reason whatsoever, ever. That’s the short and the long of it. Perhaps no community in America is more fundamentally opposed to homosexuality, but loyalty to the Dear Leader trumps all other considerations. Analysis via Wayne Dupree

Black people, especially black Democrats, I want to discuss you specifically here. YOU ARE BEING USED. YOUR HISTORY IS BEING STOLEN, HYJACKED AND MANIPULATED. You are a pawn in their game and it’s high time you realized it and say ENOUGH.

Al Sharpton went on MSNBC and told viewers that the RFRA is similar to Jim Crow Laws, Segregation, etc. IS HE OUT OF HIS DAMN MIND? YES. AND YOU ARE TOO IF YOU ACCEPT THIS LIE.

With the help and encouragement of the Democrat party, gays are trying to jump on the bandwagon of civil rights when this law has absolutely NOTHING to do with the tampering of their civil rights. It didn’t have anything to do with it in 93, or when 19 other states passed similar laws and it doesn’t now.

The fact is, any gay person can go into any establishment and buy anything from anyone. This law does NOT change that. This law, to put it simply, gives people and businesses a defense in court, or in administrative hearings, to plead their case about why they could not do services due to their sincerely held religious belief. THAT’S IT.

This is not the same as being denied a seat at a lunch counter because of your skin color. This is NOT the same as being hosed down like dogs. This is NOT the same as black children being forced to attend segregated schools or drink from different water fountains and use different bathrooms.

THIS IS ABOUT PROTECTING SINCERELY HELD RELIGIOUS BELIEFS IN COURT. Religious beliefs that an overwhelming majority of black Americans claim to hold! So why are you silent? Are you a Democrat before you are a Christian? Are you a liberal before you believe in the legal protection to practice your own faith? WAKE UP!

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