Notoriously left-wing Mass. city passes plastic bag ban, forces retailers to charge for paper bags

2015-04-02_0027 Plastic bag banIf there’s anything liberals do well, it’s placing ridiculous burdens on regular people. Shoppers in Cambridge, MA, are now effectively forced to bring their own bags to the market. But, hey, as long as a few bleeding hearts feel better about supposedly saving the environment, it’s okay, right? Via WBUR

The Cambridge City Council voted Monday night to ban single-use plastic bags in the city. The ban goes into effect in March 2016.

The OK’d ordinance says “the reduction in the use of disposable checkout bags by Retail Establishments … is a public purpose that protects the marine environment, advances solid waste reduction, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and protects waterways.”

According to City Councilor Dennis Carlone, Cambridge is now the largest city on the East Coast with such a ban.

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