The establishment’s war on Dixie taking dramatic turns in wake of Charleston massacre

Long live the South
Long live the South

In the past few days following the Charleston church shooting, we have borne witness to a full-fledged assault on Southern culture, aided by politicians on both sides the aisle. All-out Marxism has descended upon the United States of America, and it’s never been more apparent that the establishment is attempting to engineer a second civil war: The final flushing away of the old, and the ultimate triumph of the pagan, evil New World Order. The values and core being of millions of our citizens are under brazen attack, and nothing less than total capitulation is being demanded. Our history is being white-washed (or is it ‘black-washed?’) in the name of so-called ‘political correctness.’ Christianity is being gradually and stealthy being phased out for the same nefarious purposes. Lord, be with us in these days of division and cultural warfare. And may our notable historical figures – for better or worse – never be erased from our collective memory …

Times-Picayune – New Orleans mayor calls for removal of Robert E. Lee statue

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