Jew hatred on college campuses becoming epidemic

2015-07-05_2258 SJP UCLAFunny how the conspiracy theorists & Jew-haters constantly claim the media is controlled by Jewish interests, yet the media is dead silent about the new breed of pseudo-Nazi extremism developing on America’s college campuses. Along with the stunning disregard for freedom of speech (at least any sort of speech that contradicts the prevailing worldview), our students are being brainwashed with hateful rhetoric, albeit in a different form than that which led to the slaughter of six million European Jews in World War II. And Islamists are playing a big role in making it happen, while the schools themselves do nothing to protect Jewish students. From Jerusalem Online

Zach Stern, the Managing Director of Campus Programs at the Zionist Organization of America, told JerusalemOnline in an exclusive interview, “Anti-Semitism on campuses today is not like the anti-Semitism we are used to. We rarely see swastikas and other classic forms of anti-Semitism. Rather, I would say around 99 percent of anti-Semitism today on campuses is Israel-related – students calling for the annihilation of the only Jewish state and calling for an end to Jewish self-determination. Groups like the Students for Justice in Palestine take KKK-like rhetoric and replace ‘black’ with ‘Zionist,’ thus creating a hostile environment for Jewish students. This hate speech in many cases leads to violence toward Jews on campus, as was the case at many schools just last year.”

“Anti-Semitism on college campuses in America is a major problem, especially since most universities choose to ignore the problem and refuse to help the Jewish victims of this hatred,” he noted. “While university administrators jump to the defense of other minorities subject to hate speech and hate crimes, they choose to ignore the plight of Jewish students and thus only add to the problem. Furthermore, despite the fact that our government defines this hatred as anti-Semitism, university officials tend not to care. We must shift our attitudes and realize that anti-Semitism has taken a new form: anti-Zionism. If we don’t tackle this problem head on, it will only get worse.”

However, some believe that the anti-Semitism on US college campuses has moved beyond hostility to Israel. According to MK Dr. Anat Berko, it does not matter to the anti-Israel activists on campus whether you are pro-Palestinian or not; all you have to be is Jewish or Israeli for them to demonstrate, shout, show up wearing keffiyahs, and engage in violent demonstrations. Even if you deliver a talk about terrorism that does not focus on Israeli policy at all, they will demonstrate. In a speech she delivered to the Knesset, MK Dr. Anat Berko stressed how BDS activists on college campuses refuse to discuss anything with Israelis, even when you are prepared to sit down and answer all of their questions in an objective manner.

“It does not matter what you saying,” she emphasized, while relating to her experience lecturing on US college campuses as an expert on Palestinian terrorism. “It only matters that you are Jewish or Israeli. That’s all. I told them, sit down and I will answer all your questions. There is no desire to mix it with politics. It’s all pure academics. At the same time as Syria uses chemical weapons against children, they desire to demonstrate against the IDF. The BDS is the delegitimization of the existence of the State of Israel.”

Seeing as today’s college students are tomorrow’s leaders, none of this bodes well for the future of American-Israeli relations (already greatly damaged by the Obama Regime’s actions), or for the safety and security of American Jews. Dark times lay ahead unless we reverse course now.

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