Thoughts on Jim Webb and the state of the Democratic Party

2015-07-09_1524 Senator Jim WebbOf all the Democrats running for president, Senator Webb is the only one I’d be reasonably comfortable with leading this country. Hell, I’d vote for him over Jeb Bush or some of these other RINOs running in the GOP. He’s not far-left enough, though, to get out of the primary process. Which is a crying shame, as his party is going so far left that it is falling off a cliff, and it really needs some moderation at this point – for their own sake, and for the sake of our two-party system. Jim Webb could be the man to bring the Democrats back down-to-earth, if only the loons that make up their rank-and-file would get their heads out of their asses.

CBS News – Jim Webb clarifies position on the Confederate flag

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