Death of America: When ‘the scatological has replaced the noble,’ it is time to change course

2016-05-07_1140 End of America

Dennis Prager has an excellent piece succinctly summarizing the sad state of the republic and its people. Excerpt –

The universities, outside of the natural sciences and math, are an intellectual fraud. In terms of ability to think clearly, they actually make most students dumber than before they entered college. As Pulitzer Prize–winning Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens wrote recently, “American academia is, by and large, idiotic.” National, state, and city governments have largely become Ponzi schemes, racking up levels of debt that will crush the economy of the country sooner or later. The size of the federal government and its far-reaching meddling in and control over Americans’ lives are the very thing America was founded to avoid. The arts are as fraudulent as academia. Artistic standards have been destroyed. In music, art, and architecture, nonsense and ugliness have replaced the pursuit of meaning, edification, and beauty. The scatological has replaced the noble. And now there’s Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Nothing more clearly exemplifies the dark time in which we are living than this political version of a tragic Sophie’s choice.

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