A step too far: The person once known as Bruce Jenner to pose scantily-clad on SI cover

2016-05-10_0023 Bruce Jenner 1976

We need to ask ourselves why, and for what purpose, this trans-sexual agenda is being shoved down our throats (pardon any puns that may come to mind), and how we stop it without actually harming any individual trans-sexual. I am all for people being who they want to be; I am not for anyone having special rights and lording over the peasants as if they were spoiled little princesses. Why are the media and the politicians pushing this so hard when trans-sexuals represent such a tiny portion of the population? Can there be any doubt there is something sinister afoot here? Any given place where there is a lick of common sense and decency, arrangements can always be made so a person can quickly and quietly relieve themselves. Let us all just drop this matter now, for real …


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