U.S. Border Patrol along the Canadian border say they need more manpower, resources

2016-05-12_1752 U.S. Canadian borderThe fact Canada has been so welcoming to the Syrian refugees (invaders) is problematic, to be sure. Make no mistake, though, the real problem is along the southern border, and that is where all of our resources need to be going. What does it matter if some overzealous border guards are worried about human catnip when we are overrun by Mexicans and other foreign nationals seeking to steal our jobs, rape our women and children, destroy our culture, and pillage our communities? No, not one cent more for enforcement on the northern border, not until we take care of the southern border first. Priorities, people …

CBS New Yorkhttp://newyork.cbslocal.com/2016/05/11/canadian-border-concerns/

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