Conservatives: A Mrs. Clinton presidency is a done deal, but we need not be afraid

2016-05-13_0452 Hillary with a gunSo proud of all my fellow conservatives out there who refuse to sell out, those who will not compromise their principles even in the face of an inevitable Hillary Clinton presidency. And I’m profoundly disappointed in those who have sold out. People that I once respected: Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich (both of whom I supported for president in the last cycle), Ann Coulter, Howie Carr, and Sean Hannity are some of the names that come to mind. Look, Mrs. Clinton is going to be given the presidency, it’s a done deal. We have years and years of experience fighting her. She is not going to be capable of steamrolling us the way Obama has done. We know what we are dealing with this time. It’s time we man up (or ‘woman up’), toss this lying demagogue Trump aside, and get to the task at hand, which is devising a strategy to effectively counter our next president. It’s time to stop being so afraid of this woman, for we can fairly easily render her ineffective. Maybe ‘easily’ is overstating things, but this is do-able. In fact, I have faith that she will be the least effective president of alI-time. I truly believe she will be incapable of getting anything done, so strong is the opposition to her. To say nothing of the fact she is a woman in her late sixties who has had several health scares in recent times. If four more years in the wilderness is what we need to find our way again, so be it. We will survive, we will eventually thrive, it’s just not our time yet …

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