Elder abuse in Mass., nationwide, skyrockets as the plague of opioid addiction worsens

2016-05-15_0639 Opioid addiction

Addiction is a scourge upon our society, and opioid addiction – unequivocally – is the worse of all. It is something I hear about on a daily basis, and it is heartbreaking. Thankfully, EMTs and authorities in Massachusetts are now receiving the training needed to spot the warning signs of elder abuse by addicted adult children and grandchildren. Abused elders all too often feel stigmatized and will not seek help, but there are solutions. Let us hope and pray that other states follow our lead in addressing this most serious of issues …

Boston Globe – http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2016/05/14/reports-elder-abuse-surge-massachusetts/FcrmDP2wMiZ0FK0amZ179L/story.html

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