Maybe the scariest sign yet of America’s growing stupidity and evil

2016-05-15_0807 America's future under Socialism

As failed nations across the globe begin to throw off the shackles of socialism, Americans – young people in particular – are embracing it. Clearly we have not learned from history, or even from what is happening in our own time. Eight years of Obama have taken a toll on our collective mental capabilities, allowing a Bernie Sanders to come in and win hearts and minds with his blame-the-rich pap. Hell, even the billionaire demagogue Donald Trump – so beloved of much of the right-wing base – is saying he wants completely socialized health care for everyone (subject to change, as with all of the positions the p.o.s. takes.) All one need do is look at the nightmare unfolding in Venezuela to realize socialism kills – literally. It even kills animals, as Venezuelans are hunting stray dogs and cats in order to eat. Innocent creatures being slaughtered due to the madness of humanity. Americans are too busy watching reality TV and blaming everyone else for their (relative) misery to notice or care, though. Lord save us from ourselves …

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