The EMP threat: If Obama, Hillary, or Trump don’t destroy us, this will

2016-05-15_0359 EMP threat is real

We damn well better take heed. ‘Tin-foil hat’ talk, you say? Well, then you are a fool, and it will almost be worth enduring the coming catastrophe just to prove you fools wrong. Even if it isn’t an EMP attack that brings us down, anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of human history that can believe our current state of being is going to last forever is tragically ignorant. All empires crumble, all societies die out in due time, and we are not going to be an exception. The U.S. government – which, naturally, has done nothing to begin preparing for the inevitable – will not save us, nor will anybody or anything else. Nor will God above. Millions upon millions are going to die. From the article –

The sad thing is that the experts tell us that we could go a long way toward protecting our power grid from an EMP event for just a few billion dollars.

But there is absolutely no urgency among our leaders to get this done. They would rather waste our tax dollars in thousands of other ways.

And unfortunately, there is not much urgency to address this threat among ordinary Americans either. There are a variety of reasons for this, but I would like to touch on one. There seems to be a belief among many Americans that God would never allow something this bad to happen to us since we are so special.

Actually, no, we are not the special little snowflakes we believe ourselves to be. Modern Americans are – by and large – a horrifically evil people, and judgment will be swift and devastating. Enjoy your cell phones, televisions, and all the other trappings while you still can …

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