America: Nothing more now than a glorified open-air prison

2016-05-18_0534 Thomas Jefferson quote on tyranny

The most important article you will read this week: Excerpt from ‘Policy by lies: America’s descent into insanity’

Few Americans know what they have lost. Few understand to what extent they have been victimized by something far beyond a police state, far beyond simple surveillance, far beyond the obvious loss or rights and privacy that some accepted so readily less than two decades ago in order to “be safe.”

At the center of it all is the Department of Homeland Security, a shadowy bureaucracy tasked with examining every aspect of the lives of every American and producing a “threat profile” using a “predictive algorithm.”

While Americans worry about their gun purchases being tracked and cataloged, they have no idea what has already been done and there’s over 700,000 government “agents,” from border control to “TSA” to local police including 41 “other” agencies of which only 16 have recognizable acronym titles anyone has ever heard of.

Americans know their email and phone calls are listened to but what they don’t know is how social scientists at a dozen universities, working for agencies like the DHS, Department of Defense, NSA and DARPA have learned to handle “big data.”

“Big Data” is the bulk of information that is “out there,” pulled from the internet, stolen from the airwaves, including Wi-Fi intercepts, VOIP or internet based mobile phone networks, satellite and cable television viewing patterns and social network patterns. To this frightening “big data” base is added commercial credit reports, credit card and banking transactions now simply for the taking under counter-terrorism “money laundering” laws and every purchase, every foot, every mile of travel while in possession or accompanied by a “navigation device” or “location service” enable phone.

Americans once felt safe because they thought the government would never be able to handle tens of billions of phone calls, a trillion Facebook posts and billions of doctor’s bills and prescription medication purchases.

They were wrong, thanks to the world of super computing and the endless billions spent on hiring the best and brightest of those Edward Snowden has tried so hard to warn us about.

I have nothing to add, except to say America in 2016 is a country I am disgusted to live in, and I am ashamed of the vast majority of my fellow Americans. Hell, I’m even ashamed of myself, for I am not trying to claim I am perfect by any means, only that I am aware and strive for better. An estimated 95%, however, are blissfully ignorant, happy in their slavery. Only God could possibly save us now, and I personally doubt He is inclined to help such a wayward people. If you’re not too busy watching the Kardashians or taking selfies, continue reading Gordon Duff’s vitally important piece by clicking here

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