Hateful and irresponsible ‘white privilege’ rhetoric of the ‘social justice warrior’ crowd creating a backlash as white nationalism is on the rise

2016-05-24_0646 Hello pot meet kettle

Dumb white people taking the bait as the radical left knowingly and eagerly manufactures a race war. Some sort of rational ground has to be found where white Americans can effectively defend themselves from the constant onslaught of finger-pointing directed at them without feeling they must resort to wearing swastikas. And on the other side, minorities who feel marginalized need to find a more constructive way of expressing their feelings other than by just simply blaming Whitey all the time. Unfortunately, reason does not tend to prevail when emotions are running high – and particularly when the establishment is throwing gasoline on the fire …

David Marcushttp://thefederalist.com/2016/05/23/how-anti-white-rhetoric-is-fueling-white-nationalism/


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