Personal Reflections on Memorial Day 2016

2016-05-30_0548 Memorial Day 2016Today is the day we honor those who served our country and were lost in battle. I have a fair number of personal friends who are veterans from various conflicts and peacetime, and my grandfather and father both saw combat (in the Navy during WWII and the 82nd Airborne during Vietnam, respectively.) Any one of them could have been lost by a simple twist of fate. If my grandfather had died serving in the Pacific, my father would never have been born, and I obviously wouldn’t have either. It is a harrowing thing to contemplate, what could have happened and how it would changed the course of my personal history. It also fills me with a renewed sense of respect for what each of these men – family and friends alike – went through, and gratitude that they made it home. My grandfather died when I was just a kid, in 1989. He was a severe alcoholic for decades and my father was a bit estranged from him. The way he drank, he was lucky to have lived as long as he did (about 65 at the time of his death, but really much older than that for all intents and purposes.) I never got to know the man very well, being as distant and diseased as he was, and I am not certain he ever even realized I was his grandson. My most distinct memory of him was his burial; the taps being played, and the twenty-one gun salute bombarding my eardrums. And my father, his son, not showing much emotion except calm and acceptance. For all the hell he put my father, grandmother, and aunts through, I am eternally thankful he came home from the war. I am especially grateful my old man wasn’t shot down in the jungles of Vietnam. He never goes into detail about those days, apart from his stint at Fort Bragg, but unlike his father he never lost himself in the bottle. He kept his head up, and always did right by myself and my family. And he could have been forgiven had he broken down, but his strength of character has always been something to behold. Unfortunately, I took a bit more after Grandpa, and grew into an alcoholic. And I never had the excuse of surviving war. I am in recovery now, and I try not to lose sight of the fact that men and women served – and many died – to give me the freedom to have been the reckless lush that I was for about twenty years. God Bless America, and God Bless the memories of all who perished in duty …


Death of America: Illegal immigrant border crossings surge to highest level in nearly two years

Marxist protesters throw rocks at police horses outside Trump rally in Albuquerque – Thoughts and prayers are with the Albuquerque PD, and especially with the injured horses. Innocent creatures get hurt by human malice, and nobody thinks of their well-being when they take these sort of actions. Look, there are millions of us who are upset with this man Trump, but all these Marxists are doing is helping the man – making him look reasonable in the eyes of the general public – with these violent demonstrations …

The revenge of the lower classes and the rise of American Fascism – Marxist politicians and special interests have been pushing us around for far too long. But, embracing Fascism – the other extreme – is NOT the solution. This article perfectly sums up why I am #NeverTrumpOrHillary. Every single one of you Trump supporters out there need to read this article, and then do some deep soul searching about what you are advocating for. Two wrongs do not make a right  …

The Obama Regime commits genocide against the bald eagle, claims they are trying to save the species by doing so

Large majorities of Americans across the political spectrum say country ‘going to Hell in a handbasket’

Using Christians for political gain: Interesting comments from Ben Carson about Trump’s faith, or lack thereof

306,000 lives lost: Germany and France remember the Battle of Verdun on its 100th anniversary

A horrible and senseless tragedy: 400 lb. gorilla fatally shot at Cincinnati Zoo after trying to protect four-year-old whose neglectful parents allowed the little brat to climb into the gorilla’s enclosure – Bad parenting kills. They should have shot the mother instead (hey, I’m being nice, I could have said shoot the kid.) Rest in Peace, Harambe …

Pakistan, one of the world’s most overpopulated nations, bans TV ads for contraceptives following ‘moral’ objections from Islamists

Charles Murray – Memo to GOP ‘Establishmentarians’ supporting Trump: ‘But Hillary’ is not a good enough explanation for selling out your principles

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