Nevermind the actual transgendered, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts just gave rapists and pedophiles free reign to prey on women and children

2016-06-02_0239 Aqualung

The Massachusetts House of Representatives has passed legislation allowing anyone claiming to be transgender to use the public restroom of their choice, and Gov. Charlie Baker is on record saying he will sign the bill once it reaches his desk. Those whose are legitimately transgendered and are not looking to harm anyone are not the issue here. This is –

The House rejected amendments to exempt legally sex segregated facilities, bathrooms and locker rooms used primarily by minors, and multi-capacity showers and locker rooms. Amendments proposing to require proof of medical transition and to bar registered Level II and Level III sex offenders from using any facility that doesn’t match their biological sex also failed.

House leaders were careful not to accept any amendments to the bill after Baker on Tuesday said he would sign the House version of the bill “in its current form” should it reach his desk.

The House bill would require Attorney General Maura Healey’s office to “issue guidance or regulations for referring to the appropriate law enforcement agency or other authority for legal action any person who asserts gender identity for an improper purpose . . . “

The Senate did not include that language in its bill, with key senators viewing it as unnecessary, but not objectionable and supporters favoring the language as a potential safeguard against predators who might take advantage of the bill’s bathroom and locker room access provisions that are tied to gender identity.

As we can see, there are virtually no safeguards to protect women and minors, and nothing that can legally prevent known sexual predators from having access to them at their most vulnerable. A disaster waiting to happen. I don’t particularly care if a woman transitioning into a man uses the same restroom as I do, nor am I overly concerned if a peaceful transgender who has had the operation (or even if they haven’t) and just wants to pee uses a ladies’ room. I like transgendered people – as is the case with most anyone who is unique and dares to go against the grain in a non-threatening, lawful way – as human beings (no, not sexually, get your mind out of the gutter.) It is Aqualung, eyeing little girls with bad intent, that I am worried about. The fact logical provisions to prevent criminal abuse of this new privilege were struck down by the legislature says a lot about their bad intent. We’re really going to allow Level II and III sex offenders to use women’s restrooms!? What kind of insanity is this!? It is almost as if supporters of the bill want rapists and pedophiles to run free. Why else would such reasonable amendments be struck down? Anytime a pervert wants to get his fix, all he needs to do is put on a dress and nobody can legally say or do anything to stop him. This isn’t ‘tolerance,’ it is willfully giving the worst elements of society a free pass to harm law-abiding citizens. Our politicians are sociopaths, plain and simple. No matter what the law says, if any woman or girl I love is accosted by Aqualung in a public restroom they will make their maker …


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