News Ticker: Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016-06-14_0747 Orlando FLNEVER-ENDING TERROR

A failure of the security apparatus and the political correctness that governs it, not of the right to bear arms: Orlando shooter bought guns legally after being removed from FBI watch list

Erdogan’s Turkish government wavers in the fight against ISIS over petty conflicts with the U.S. and allies

French police chief and wife stabbed to death outside their house by man claiming allegiance to ISIS

NYT: ‘New reality after Orlando attacks – Dogs, metal detectors and searches at public gatherings’


A reminder that neither candidate has moral authority in this race: Trump’s mystery e-mail scandal

Emily Hill: ‘Why Hillary Clinton’s nomination is no triumph for womanhood’


Six-in-ten patients prescribed opioids end up with left-overs, fueling addiction epidemic and calls for prescription drug monitoring

Why homosexual men still cannot donate blood in the United States


The creator of the ‘beehive’ hairdo dies at 98


Family urges the public to pay respect to the late Gordie Howe at Joe Louis Arena ceremony

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