News Ticker: Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016-06-28_2150 Pat SummittRest in Peace, Pat Summitt. I am very saddened by her untimely death, but also grateful for all the great moments she gave us as Tennessee fans. She is, unequivocally, the most significant figure in the history of women’s college basketball, and perhaps the single most important woman ever in the sports world. She will be missed dearly …


White supremacists say they’re coming to Cleveland to support Trump – Not the kind of folks I want to be even remotely associated with. Do you? …

All mobbed up: The Donald Trump story you’re not hearing about

‘The biggest heart of anybody,’ says Trump. GOP candidate pivots on illegal immigration, now says no mass deportations

Party before God and country. Michael Gerson: Evangelical Christians selling out faith for politics by embracing Trump

Dr. James Dobson recants claim that Trump has found Jesus

Latest Reuters/Ipsos poll: Trump falls to 33%, Mrs. Clinton with double-digit lead


Supreme Court votes 5-3 to strike down Texas abortion regulations – While I myself do not favor abortion except in extreme cases, and these regulations – requiring doctors to obtain admitting privileges at hospitals and for clinics to meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers – seem reasonable on the surface, let’s be honest about what this was on Texas’ part: An attempt to circumvent the law of the land through the backdoor. So, for better or worse, it is no surprise that the Court ruled the way it did …


Globalists strike back: Anti-Brexit British leaders plot to keep the UK in the EU following referendum

Sour grapes: EU to cut back on use of the English language in official business following Brexit vote

A positive development in the Middle East: Israel and Turkey agree to normalize relations


Well, of course he did: Despite lobbying against it, George Soros gains financial windfall from Brexit vote

Sen. Cruz calls for new free-trade deal with the UK in the wake of Brexit


Farewell to Buddy Ryan: Famed NFL defensive coordinator and head coach dies at 85 – One of the great things about football is the colorful personalities involved. And few were more colorful than Buddy Ryan. Certainly, I’ll never forget being seven-years-old and watching in horror as the Chicago Bears defense – led by Ryan – laid waste to the Patriots in Super Bowl XX. That moment would prove to be the pinnacle of Ryan’s career, and that team is still spoken about in hushed terms more than thirty years later …

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