The Donald and Hillary: Accepting the reality of this election nightmare

IMG_0108It is time to fully accept what I’ve known all along: This election circus is all for show, and the final decision was made for us long ago, not in our favor (and by ‘our,’ I mean every one of us on the right-wing, Cruz and Trump people alike.) That isn’t to say we shouldn’t go to the polls – I will be doing so – because not doing so sends exactly the wrong message to those in power, that we’ve just given up and there is no need for the pretense anymore. No, do go and vote, but do so with eyes wide open. As much faith as I and many others put in Ted Cruz, he never stood a chance in this rigged system. Wishful thinking always leads to grave disappointment, and I allowed myself to fall into that trap, though deep down I always knew better. Arguing about he said/she said, concerning these two nominees, is getting us nowhere. While I’m sure I’ll feel compelled to opine from time-to-time, I more or less wash my hands of this election mess. You Trumpers will never be convinced that he is the wrong choice, and the rest of us will never be convinced that he is the right choice. Doesn’t matter anyway, he is the designated loser and is doing this either for his own ego’s sake, or perhaps he owes some favors to men richer and more powerful than himself. Hillary Clinton disgusts me just as much as any of you, and it’s a damn shame she has been decisively proven to be above the laws of the land and is being given the reigns of power. It’s a grave injustice, and one that is not going to made right at the ballot box. Even if one is a Trump diehard deluding themselves into believing he will be the next president, one better start thinking about how we are going to deal with a second President Clinton. It’s going to have to be something more substantial than how we – myself included – have dealt with Obama, wringing our hands. Get back to me after the election, until then I’ll be spending whatever time we have left living my life, before all pretense is dropped and we are officially enslaved and/or killed en masse …

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