News Ticker: Thursday, August 4, 2016

Khan family
Denver Post, August 2, 2016


Hillary Clinton alleged to have armed Islamist rebels in Syria as Secretary of State – While much of my attention in recent times has been on the disgraceful antics of Donald J. Trump, let it not be said that I – and others like me in the #NeverTrump camp – have lost sight of the treason and treachery of the next president. That Mrs. Clinton will likely never face criminal charges for her actions is a source of frustration, but nonetheless she has been exposed and will be unable to govern effectively once in office.  A one-termer in the making, if she even makes it through the whole term …

Trump steps up attacks on gold star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan, as well as on GOP leaders who criticized him over it – Rule number one of campaigning: When you’re in a hole, stop digging. Neither candidate does themselves a favor by attacking gold star parents. But whereas Mrs. Clinton issued a subtle dig at Patricia Smith, insinuating the woman was lying about their meeting, and let it go at that, Trump has to go and make a big show of attacking the Khans. Even if Trump may or may not be factually correct here, and even if the Khans may or may not have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, there is zero political benefit to doing this. None. His pettiness and vindictiveness is going to cost him the presidency. He is his own worst enemy …

Trump responds to Hillary’s massive proposed infrastructure ‘boondoogle’ with an even more massive ‘boondoogle’

Gov. Pence endorses Speaker Ryan for re-election, Trump does not – I believe this business of who is endorsing who is just a bit silly, but this is one silly season. Anyway, am I the only one who is sensing that Gov. Pence is just a bit uncomfortable in his role and perhaps had no idea what he was getting himself into? I don’t think I am …


Pamela Geller: 7,000 armed Turkish police surround NATO air base following accusations U.S. had role in failed coup – Keep your eyes on this scary situation, this has all the makings of World War III …

Reports state the Obama administration paid $400 million ransom to the Iranians to free American prisoners – Grateful these four Americans are free, but what kind of precedent does it set when any hostile nation looking for desperately needed cash can just kidnap a few of our citizens and our government will simply pay up?

Venezuela to force its citizens into forced labor – slavery – in a vain attempt to address its economic catastrophe – One better believe that when the shit hits the fan in America, either Trump or Clinton will do the same as Maduro is doing to his people. Maintaining absolute power ‘trumps’ (pun intended) all else for tyrants …

Nigerian Islamist terrorist outlet, Boko Haram, names new leader, fate of previous leader unknown

N. Korean regime declares U.S. sanctions on Kim Jong Un amount to a declaration of war

Syria: Russian military says rebels deployed toxic gas in the city of Aleppo

Chinese defense minister urges ‘substantial preparation for a people’s war at sea’


Teenagers showing signs of ‘text neck,’ physical strain from constantly looking down at their cell phones  

Americans weigh about fifteen pounds more on average than they did twenty years ago

First medical marijuana dispensary opens in Boston

Fentanyl-related deaths on the rise in Massachusetts

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