News Ticker: Sunday, August 7, 2016

2016-08-07_0938 Dumpster swimming pool
Just keeps getting dumber and dumber: A recent block party in Philadelphia.

I was listening to a little bit of Mark Levin’s program on my drive home Friday night, and he made a very important statement to the effect that he is not a nationalist populist, he is a constitutional conservative. Until not too long ago, I would have told anyone that I was both, that they were one and the same. I don’t think I’m alone in this. The 2016 presidential election has shattered that illusion and brought great clarity. Adherence to timeless principles will always ‘trump’ mindless mob mentality …


RedState: Trump chooses Paul Ryan, John McCain, and the Establishment over his baseOne of the biggest Trump cheerleaders out there, the notorious Jew-hater Jeff Rense, is now in full panic mode after Trump endorsed Paul Ryan and John McCain in their congressional races. Rense believes Trump’s family must have been threatened and that is why he is now playing ball. Well, while I don’t wish harm on Trump’s kids or on Melania, I have to say ‘good.’ The only language a bully understands is brute force. Trump’s reluctant endorsements also contradict what the campaign and its supporters (most notably Alex Jones) have contended, that the reports of an ‘intervention’ were a media falsehood. Clearly, there has been an intervention here. How much good it will do, and to what extent a reckless narcissist can be controlled, remains to be seen. Win or lose, the GOP has to regain control of their party …

Larry Sabato’s latest forecast: Clinton has a 79.9% chance of winning

Clinton ahead by fifteen points in New Hampshire, Trump with less than two-thirds of the Republican vote – Trump is too bellicose for the Granite State …

Katrina Jorgensen: A Trump trainwreck is the only thing that will save the Republican Party – Excellent analysis here. A blowout victory for Mrs. Clinton, as hard a pill to swallow as that may be in the short-term, could prove to be the wake-up call the GOP desperately needs for the long-term …

Another state officially in play for the Democrats: Hillary now leading Trump by four points in Georgia, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Charlotte Observer: For America’s sake, Donald Trump, drop out of the race now – Obviously not going to happen unless he is assassinated or an act of God occurs. This power-hungry demagogue cares nothing about the sake of the country, he is just conning a select bunch of rubes into thinking he does. He has become so transparent that even the apathetic, brain-dead masses – apart from those supporting him – are able to see right through him and have become quite concerned. Which is saying quite a bit in an America where equally brain-dead celebrities – and make no mistake, Trump is a celebrity before all else – are worshiped and treated as authorities on anything and everything …

Trump warns about potential for terror recruitment among Somalis living in Minnesota – On this, I have to agree with the big dummy, and his plan to bar Muslims from entering the U.S. is a good one. If only we could actually trust him to enforce it, or trust the man, period …


The great singer Morrissey says TSA officials blatantly took $150 from his wallet at LAX – These sort of abuses happen to ordinary people on a daily basis, why isn’t something being done to stop it? Why isn’t it even being talked about anymore?

Dana Perino: Why George W. Bush stood there and took the wrath of a soldier’s mom – By no means can it be said that Bush 43 was a competent president, and at times he was outright wrong in his policies and statements (‘Islam is a religion of peace,’ ‘they do the jobs Americans won’t do.’) In retrospect, however, he was – and remains – a decent man, and I often failed to acknowledge this fact. Warts and all, I feel almost nostalgic for his presidency at this point …


Syrian rebels break government siege of Aleppo, army says otherwise

South Africa: ANC’s iron-clad hold on power is lost in the key cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg


The complete interview with Clint Eastwood where he talks about the ‘pussy generation’ – He is right, this is ‘a sad time in history.’ Be sure to read the moving story he tells of being five-years-old, during the depths of the Great Depression, and the stranger who came to the back door looking to chop wood in exchange for a sandwich …

Why are millennials having less sex than their parents’ generations? – What a lame generation these millennials are. For one thing, their boys are total dweebs with their video games and technology, and are lacking testosterone due to a variety of factors (increased soy in diet, as one example.) On the other hand, their girls are shallow twits who have completely unrealistic expectations of the opposite sex, wanting to have their cake and eat it too. Then there is the paranoia over ‘rape culture’ on college campuses, leading many males to conclude that engaging in sexual activity (at least with the opposite sex) is just too risky. Millennial females are probably having as much or more sex as ever – and increasingly so with each other – but the males are not getting any unless they are rich, are exceptionally handsome and charming, or are engaging in homosexuality. What an awful time in human history this is …

The city of Philadelphia tells residents not to swim in dumpsters – Stupid fucks. This is the state of our society today …

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