News Ticker: Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016-08-14_1610 Trump and wife2016 ELECTION

A real, bona fide piece-of-work you acolytes out there have with this GOP nominee – Struggling in several traditionally deep-red states, Trump sets his sights on converting deep-blue Connecticut; vows to ‘start thinking’ about withdrawing the press credentials of the New York Times, showboats around a Make-a-Wish kid, and says he’ll ‘never ever forgive’ the peoples of CT, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida if they don’t elect him president …

George Will: Where is the evidence that Trump would defend the Constitution?

FiveThirtyEight: The polls aren’t skewed, Trump really is losing badly

Hillary leading by ten in NBC News poll, makes sizable gains among white men

Fifty prominent Republican national security experts sign letter opposing Trump

Eleven RNC staffers have quit their jobs since March, at least in part due to discomfort over Trump

2016-08-14_1455 Hillary Clinton being helped up stairs 2016RedState: There’s good reason to believe Hillary Clinton’s health is far worse than we think

Gov. Pence urges federal investigation into alleged political favors given by the State Dept. to foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation – All for it, make it happen …

Brown-noser talk hosts begin laying the groundwork for post-Trump atmosphere of blame and finger-pointing – Somebody needs to punch Hannity, annoying little puke that he is. Another great piece here by Ben Shapiro …

2016-08-14_1605 Boston Winter 2015U.S. NEWS

1968 all over again: Milwaukee explodes in race riots following fatal shooting of man fleeing traffic stop

Bangladeshi NYC imam, friend killed in pure daylight by unknown shooter

Old Farmer’s Almanac: Hellish winter on the way – A repeat of the all-time disaster that was the winter of 2015? Not even sure where to begin listing all the experiences I’d rather go through than living through another season like that …

2016-08-14_1620 Hungary state borderWORLD NEWS

Germans migrating to Hungary in order to escape hordes of Muslims descending upon the Fatherland – Knowing this is from Alex Jones’ site (penned by Paul Joseph Watson), one has to take this article with a (very small) grain of salt: Most anything those guys publish is a gross exaggeration of the truth, and sometimes outright fabrication. Still, we know that Muslim invaders are pouring into Germany at an unsustainable pace, we know that Chancellor Merkel has encouraged and engineered this invasion, and we know millions of Christians are severely endangered. Germany needs our prayers. Something is going to have to give concerning the mindset of the people there: Germans have always been far too obedient a people for their own good, and for the last sixty years they dare not show any nationalistic tendencies. They need not revert to the evils and excesses of Nazism in order to take their back their country and heritage. Merkel must go, and she can take the refugees with her …

Matt O’Brien: Venezuela’s death spiral is getting worse

Satellite imagery shows the Chinese have installed aircraft hangars in the South China Sea for fleet of fighter jets

Rio: Green water lingers in Olympic pools as the excuses pile up

Conflicting reports that U.S. Olympic swim star Ryan Lochte and unnamed teammates may have been held-up at gunpoint at Rio gas station

Gone to meet his 72 virgins in Hades: ISIS leader in Afghanistan and Pakistan said to have been killed by U.S. air strike on eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar

Protests in the Philippines over ‘hero burial’ of long-dead dictator, Ferdinand Marcos

Prominent Jewish donor to the UK Labour Party compares leader Jeremy Corbyn and inner circle to the Nazi-era ‘Sturmabteilung’


Zika virus found to remain in the sperm of affected Italian man for six months

Baby born with Zika-linked defect dies in Texas

Polio re-emerges in Nigeria – More than sixty years after America eradicated the virus. It’s a fine measure of just how far behind these Third World nations are; the sort of hell holes we never want to become, but may be destined to …

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