News Ticker: Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016-08-21_0336 Hillary Clinton2016 ELECTION

After reviewing medical evaluations, celebrity board-certified internist expresses grave concern about the ‘1950-level care’ Mrs. Clinton is receiving

Mrs. Clinton’s deputy communications director sends e-mail vowing to destroy Trump-propaganda site, Breitbart – Well, this would speak volumes about the Clinton camp’s view of the First Amendment, except that we’re talking about Breitbart: a once-respectable page that has devolved into something beyond pathetic, lower than a tabloid. It has lost all credibility, and is hardly worth anybody’s effort, pro or against. If the Clinton machine really wants to shut down the media and put the fear of God into their enemies, go after a news organization that serves an actual purpose beyond kissing Mr. Trump’s ass …

Julian Assange’s lawyer dead after being hit by train, ruled a ‘suicide’ – Not hard to put two and two together here. The Clintons are absolute masters at eliminating their political enemies and getting away with it …

Nicolas Kristof: Donald Trump is making America meaner – Excerpt: ‘We need not be apocalyptic about it. This is not Kristallnacht. But Trump’s harsh rhetoric tears away the veneer of civility and betrays our national motto of “e pluribus unum.” He has unleashed a beast and fed its hunger, and long after this campaign is over we will be struggling to corral it again.’

Christians who don’t support Trump are being called ‘pharisees’ now – The idiocy and desperation are off the charts …

Charles Redfern: Is American Evangelical Christianity sinking on the GOP ship? – A marriage that wasn’t made to last …

Jason Taylor: Trump’s plan on terrorism is a joke

2016-08-21_0343 Al GoreU.S. NEWS

Al Gore wrongly blames Louisiana flooding on global warming – Whatever the cause of the floods, thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Louisiana …

DOJ to begin phasing out its use of private prisons, concluding they are not as effective as those run by the Bureau of Prisons

Washington Monument closed to the public after elevator fails twice in twelve hours


Ukrainian president warns a full-scale Russian invasion may be possible

Rio 2016: Anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli sentiment rife at the Olympic Games

Japanese PM Abe sends offering to controversial war shrine, Chinese disapprove

2016-08-21_0345 Ole Miss cheerleaders 1969CULTURE IN DECLINE

A nation of ingrates and backstabbers: America thanks young Olympic hero by criticizing her hair – At one time, achievement was a sort of pride in America. That was when we were a nation of winners. Now, we are a nation of losers, and achievement is looked upon with disdain. This young lady deserves a lot better. One American, at least, thanks you, Gabby Douglas, for aiming high and achieving …

Ole Miss marching band instructed to no longer play ‘Dixie’ during games – And another piece of college football tradition is lost to political correctness. Does every damn thing have to be made about race? Enough already …

Why do we fear narcissism?


Lord Jacob Rothschild warns the ‘biggest financial experiment in history’ about to unleash consequences unknown


The ADHD racket exposed: A false paradigm projected onto the minds of parents and children

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