News Ticker: Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2016-08-23_0525 alt rightWhat part, however small, did I have to play in this state of affairs? Yes, I went way off-the-deep-end in my disdain for Barack Obama. Yes, I indulged in certain conspiracy theories which seem absurd in retrospect. No, that does not mean I’ve converted to liberalism, or suddenly believe that everything in our society is on the up-and-up, or that Obama and his ilk have good intentions. What it means is that I am finding a sense of balance and sanity. And as the two parties drift ever further and further to their extremes, it has been made clear to me that much of the right-wing in this country – namely the ‘alt right’ crowd supporting Trump – is beyond nuts, and that I do not want anything to do with that extremism. Conservatism is not anti-intellectualism, it is not blatant rudeness, and it is not Fascism. Reagan-style conservatism served us well and it is time to get back to that. Thankfully, we have our new standard-bearer in Ted Cruz, and in 2020 order will be restored to the universe …

2016-08-21_1719 Huma Abedin2016 ELECTION

Clinton aide Huma Abedin revealed to have worked for radical Islamist journal for twelve years – Huma Abedin may be a very beautiful woman, but she is as devious as they come. The question that needs to be asked is why would Mrs. Clinton employ someone – as her closest aide, no less – who apparently does not believe in the candidate’s agenda of women’s empowerment? And why does the political left in this country continue to support and protect a belief system that is so antithetical to everything they stand for? Bizarre times we live in …

Trump going soft on deportation of illegals? Sen. Jeff Sessions hedges when asked if the candidate still backs mass deportation, new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says it’s ‘to be determined’ – Somebodies are being played for fools here, and my suspicion is that it is the (rightfully) rabid anti-amnesty forces that are the base of Trump’s support. One thing is clear, Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth, just like a typical politician. And one other thing is painfully clear: We are not going to see any meaningful immigration reform, no matter who the next president is. Even if Trump does end up holding a hardline, Senate Democrats (likely to be back in the majority) will block him …

Keeping the conservative movement alive: Why Cruz conservatives mourn him instead of supporting Trump

What if Trump won’t accept defeat? – No way is he going to go quietly or with dignity …

White supremacists David Duke and Don Advo celebrate Steve Bannon hire, say ‘we’ve taken over’ the Republican Party – If true, this is not a party I want to be even remotely associated with …

Jeff Jacoby: Voters Trump drives from the GOP aren’t likely to return – This man is doing far more damage to conservatism and the Republican brand than Obama and the Clintons could ever hope to do. Consider that, in 2004, Bush 43 drew 46% of the under-30 vote, and still barely won. Trump is polling behind Gary Johnson among this group in some polls …


Georgetown University professor calls for ‘carbon tax’ on having children – ‘Global warming’ is a complete hoax and a lie, of course. However, what is truth is that the earth is grossly overpopulated and resources are severely strained. By all means, let us stop giving tax and other incentives for folks to have kids and start penalizing them instead. All for it. Forced sterilization in these Third World countries where the people breed like rabbits despite not being able to afford the dirt beneath their feet is also something that needs to be strongly considered. People and governments have got to start being responsible, and if that is an un-conservative argument on my part, so be it …

Ramen noodles replacing cigarettes as most valuable commodity in U.S. prisons

(VIDEO) A drive through Detroit late at night

2016-08-23_0454 Putin maskWORLD NEWS

Russian ‘Putin mask’ activist claims asylum in Ukraine

A possible assassination attempt on Julian Assange as intruder is caught scaling the wall of the Ecuadorian embassy in London

Our daily dose of good news: Boko Haram leader said to have been killed in air strike by Nigerian forces

EU head Juncker: ‘Borders are the worst invention ever’ – Sure, maybe if one is trapped inside a Third World hellhole …

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