News Ticker: Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016-08-31_0533 Trump Putin's puppet2016 ELECTION

How Vladimir Putin is using Donald Trump to advance Russia’s goals – What an election this is, where both major candidates appear to be nothing more than stooges for foreign interests. Though they’ll give lip service, neither one is particularly warm to our one true ally in the world, Israel (in the cases of many of Trump’s ‘alt right’ supporters and some of the Bernie Sanders nuts who’ve migrated to the Clinton campaign, they are outright hostile toward the Jewish state.) From where I’m sitting, both candidates seem more interested in placating those who hate Israel, and indeed America itself, than anything else: The global Jihadi network in Mrs. Clinton’s case, and the Russians in Trump’s case. There’s only one word that fits: Treason …

Cathy Young: You can’t whitewash the alt-right’s bigotry – This article was posted back in April, but it applies just as much now. Donald Trump and his followers are the flip side of the same coin as the ‘social justice warriors,’ where everything revolves around identity politics. America in 2016 has become the new Weimar Germany, where the Communists and Nazis dominated and voices of reason and moderation were silenced. That didn’t turn out too well in the end, did it? This ‘alt right’ movement that Trump has so eagerly embraced is nothing more than a Fascist movement, and it must be stopped just as surely as the neo-Marxist movement on the left – represented by Barack Obama and, to a lesser extent, Hillary Clinton – must be stopped. Or else, history will repeat itself and we will lose our constitutional republic …

Trump to meet with Peña Nieto in Mexico

Does Trump have a path to 270? – The math just doesn’t add up …

2016-08-31_0559 Nuns killed in MississippiU.S. NEWS

Mississippi prosecutor considers death penalty for alleged killer of two nuns – One of these nuns, Sister Merrill, was a native of my hometown. May they rest in peace, and their killer rot in Hades …

John McCain fends off Trumpette primary challenge in Arizona

Obama commutes sentences of 111 non-violent drug offenders – On this, I applaud the president. Give these folks a second chance. In most any circumstance, we have no business locking up non-violent offenders …


ISIS chief strategist killed in Aleppo

Islamist scum bomb Mogadishu hotels, at least twenty-two dead

Germany declares there will be no normalization of relations with Iran until the Islamic Republic recognizes Israel’s right to exist

2016-08-31_0602 Huma AbedinCULTURE IN DECLINE

Huma Abedin separates from husband Anthony Weiner after latest sexting report – I don’t normally post tabloid garbage, but reading this made me wonder if there are any women left out there who have decent taste in men? Realizing full well, of course, that there is a shortage of decent men out there. No matter, I see the kind of scumbags so many women go for – particularly younger women who’ve come of age with the likes of Beyonce and the Kardashians and are seriously lacking in values – and it makes me sick. It is not politically correct to criticize women for anything these days, whereas (white) men get dumped on all the time, but political correctness is a curse upon us and true equality means young women should be expected to hold the same moral standards we expect of young men. Huma married for money and power, not love or any valid reason, and it came back to bite her in the end. May the same fate await all the world’s gold diggers …

R&B singer arrested after lengthy standoff with police, says he is the victim – Isn’t this Chris Brown the one who beat up that Rihanna girl? And now he (‘allegedly’) threatens another woman, and has the nerve to claim that he is the victim? This is one example of why I hate modern celebrity culture so much. Watch, the thug will still sell millions of records after this …


Indestructible strain of E. coli reaches the U.S. – Yes, we are screwed …


San Francisco 49ers likely to cut Colin Kaepernick, though not for political reasons – Certainly this latest flap regarding standing for the national anthem doesn’t help his cause, but he has been fading as a player in recent times. Do they play football in Saudi Arabia? If they did, that would be the perfect place for him …

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