News Ticker: Friday, September 9, 2016

2016-09-09_0508-trump-and-clinton2016 ELECTION

Trump: Russian interference in election ‘probably unlikely’ – It better be ‘unlikely.’ Come on, Donald, quit playing footsie with these guys, they are not our allies and do not have our best interests in mind. Yes, Putin is a strong leader who I’ve given some degree of credit to in the past, but he’s not our friend …

Trump and Clinton do what they do best at NBC forum: Lie

71% of physicians surveyed by AAPS say concerns about Hillary’s health ‘serious, could be disqualifying’ for POTUS

Mitt Romney calls for Gary Johnson to be included in presidential debates – Sure, why not? These two candidates are so cocky and full of themselves, what do they have to be afraid of?

2016-09-09_0527-exploding-cell-phoneU.S. NEWS

National Guard put on alert as protesters await decision on North Dakota pipeline

A bit too ‘far-sighted:’ California Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill requiring state to cut greenhouse emissions by 40 percent

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users: By orders of the FAA, do not bring your phones onto flights, they may explode – Never let it be said that modern technology doesn’t have its drawbacks …


North Koreans suspected of conducting a fifth nuclear test after artificial quake measuring 5.3 is detected – This is getting very serious, and I fear it may be too late to effectively contain these madmen …

Sen. Ted Cruz: Obama administration orchestrated a ‘money laundering scheme’ on Iran’s behalf – Well, top officials across several departments – State, Treasury, and Justice – testified under oath that the Iranians refused to guarantee the cash payment would not be used to fund terrorist activity, though they also claim that money is absolutely not being used for that purpose. No, not all of us were born yesterday: This would appear to be an open-and-shut case of treason on the administration’s behalf, and all Americans owe Sen. Cruz a debt of gratitude for being just about the only one in our government brave enough to expose this treachery. In a more sane world, this would be treated as a scandal of epic proportions, at least on scale with Iran-Contra …

Iranian vessels harassing U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf at an increasing pace

Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia reach a new high

Syrian government forces accused of dropping chlorine bombs on civilians in Aleppo

Pentagon accuses a Russian fighter jet of flying within ten feet of U.S. reconnaissance aircraft over Black Sea

Mao still casts a long shadow over modern China

A German Badeschiff – bathing ship – on the Spree River


Chicago records 500 homicides for 2006 following deadly Labor Day weekend, more than New York and Los Angeles combined

Two completely incompatible cultures trying to exist as one: How Germans are attempting to enforce basic hygiene and decency among refugees at public pools

Black Lives Matter spreads to the UK, airport runway shut down by protesters


Seafood fraud: A fishy business that is on the rise – Rather distressing news for any seafood lover …

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