Never Forget – News Ticker: Sunday, September 11, 2016

2016-09-11_1447-september-11-2001Fifteen years since the attacks of September 11, 2001, and nothing in this world has felt right since. I was absolutely riveted reading this amazing account: On that day, George W. Bush and his staff handled the national disaster with grace and dignity. All that has happened in the years since, however, has completely destroyed my faith in this country, its government, and its people. Trump supporters and Clinton supporters alike say it will be the end of America should the other win, but we’ve already lived through the end in all but name and pretense. For a brief time, though, it did appear Americans were going to step up as they did during World War II, that the era of bread and circuses had come to an abrupt and merciful end, and that adversity was going to restore our national character …

2016-09-11_1449-hillary-and-woman2016 ELECTION

Mrs. Clinton: Half of Trump supporters are ‘deplorables’ – It is really not good form for a presidential candidate to trash any group of Americans. Yes, the anti-Semites that compose the ‘alt right’ and who are Trump’s most notorious supporters are ‘deplorable,’ this is true. And it is deplorable that Trump will not renounce and distance himself from those types. Never let it be said that the likes of David Duke or that ‘Milo’ creep are honorable men. The ‘silent majority’ of Trump supporters, however, that are not race-mongers and are decent Americans will only be further alienated and enraged by such comments. To be fair, Mrs. Clinton did make the distinction between the two different groups of Trump supporters, but none of them hear that. They only hear that they are ‘deplorable.’ Granted, she is not going to win any of their votes to begin with, but this is not good p.r. on the woman’s part. She could have said the same thing in a less-polarizing manner …

David Limbaugh: Never Trumpers vs. Reluctant Trumpers – Rush’s brother with one of the more reasoned takes on feeling compelled to vote for Trump. Look, if I lived in a hotly-contested swing state, and the polls nationally were in a dead heat, I MIGHT consider holding my nose and voting for Trump. Maybe. It’d make me sick inside to do it, but I don’t want Hillary in the White House anymore than any of you. I have deleted a few hundred Trump supporters on Facebook, the ones who are just insufferable propagandists and completely smitten with this man. I don’t want any contention with those who are just voting for the guy because he is not Hillary. Alas, though, I live in Massachusetts, which hasn’t voted for a Republican since I was six-years-old (1984) and never will again. Jesus Christ could be the GOP candidate, and the reincarnation of Hitler the Democratic candidate, and Hitler would win the Commonwealth in a landslide. So, I’m free to do what I want, and therefore I’m going with my conscience and writing in Ted Cruz …

Mexican lawmaker proposes, among other things, canceling treaties that gave the U.S. the Southwest should Trump be elected – Yeah, good luck ever trying to enforce any of that. Oh hell, maybe I shouldn’t be laughing, considering half of Californians and a good chunk of Texans believe their states rightfully belong to Mexico …

Candidates suspend campaign activities for 9/11 – How about going ‘silent’ permanently?


Few expect China to punish North Korea for latest nuclear test

Christine Williams: Jihad terror enters new phase fifteen years after 9/11

2016-09-11_1459-how-americans-view-the-worldCULTURE IN DECLINE

Visiting Laos, Obama says Americans can be ‘lazy’ when it comes to the environment, learning about other cultures – The environmental non-sense aside, I can’t bring myself to be offended by the president’s words concerning Americans’ lack of knowledge of the world around them, though it is a tad bit hypocritical. Anyone who has been paying attention realizes the average American is woefully ignorant about geography and world affairs. Most cannot even point out their own state on a map, let alone know anything about foreign countries. It is a national disgrace, and I might have gained more respect for Mr. Obama over the years had he spent more time emphasizing education instead of intentionally dumbing down the kids with this Common Core scheme. That does not excuse, however, the willful and arrogant laziness of the majority of Americans who make zero effort to learn much of anything even as they all have a treasure trove of knowledge right at their fingertips …

San Antonio mattress store closes indefinitely after tasteless ‘Twin Tower’ commercial prompts death threats – I don’t condone the death threats, but how stupid can some people be?

Ohio police officer posts photos of passed out heroin addicts with their four-year-old sitting in the backseat of minivan – Terribly tragic, and this situation could have turned out a lot worse and likely would have if these officers did not intervene …

Ben Domenech: Lena Dunham’s Odell Beckham tantrum is proof that radical feminism is a joke – On the off-chance you’re one of these ‘social justice warrior’ types and are reading this, it is highly recommended you read this article concerning one Lena Dunham in order to gain some understanding of how and why you drive us the rest of us nuts with your contradictions and arbitrary bullshit …


NFL says it will fine players who wear 9/11 tribute cleats, police union says it will cover those fines – Roger Goodell is destroying this league and has to go …

New college football attendance record of 156,990 set at Bristol Motor Speedway as Tennessee crushes Virginia Tech, 45-24

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