News Ticker: Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2016-09-13_0940-hillary-clinton-passes-out2016 ELECTION

Clinton cancels West Coast visit to rest after health episode – This is getting serious. Assuming she is elected, can we expect to have our first president to die in office of natural causes since FDR? No, that would not be a good thing. Beyond not wanting to wish death upon anybody, do we really want Tim Kaine running the country? Something to consider when casting one’s vote …

Was it a Hillary Clinton body double that emerged from Chelsea’s apartment following Sunday health scare? – So sick of conspiracy theories, and yet I am at a total loss as to explain what is going on here …

Gersh Kuntzman: Clinton’s cover story for her pneumonia diagnosis further proves her first instinct is to lie – Gersh Kuntzman is a very left-wing columnist. One may remember that he called on Major League Baseball teams to quit playing ‘God Bless America’ during the seventh-inning stretch. Here, though, he demonstrates that he completely gets it: Mrs. Clinton is a serial liar, lying even when there is zero reason to do so, and it has done incalculable harm to her public trustworthiness. Well worth a read …

Former DNC chairman calls for a contingency plan should Mrs. Clinton be unable to continue

Washington Post: Clinton with ten-point lead – After everything that has gone done with Hillary in the past few weeks, if Trump cannot mount a lead or at least be competitive by now then he may never be able to seal the deal. Granted, other polls are showing more modest deficits, but those are still deficits …

Trump ‘haters and losers’ Sept. 11 tweet vanishes – Just when I was thinking, ‘well Trump, unlike Hillary, at least hasn’t directly insulted his opponent’s supporters,’ he pulls this. Albeit, it was a retweet from three-years-ago, so one cannot say for sure what the intent was in posting it again. Not quite ‘a basket of deplorables’ in scope, but bad enough that either he or somebody in his camp had it taken down …

2016-09-13_0943-reefer-madnessU.S. NEWS

Paranoid doomsayers proven wrong: Federal study shows kids are not being enticed by marijuana legalization, prescription drug abuse the real problem

‘Political peacocking:’ NCAA moves championship games from North Carolina over HB2

Tourists to Boothbay Harbor, ME, complain about ‘Black Rifles Matter’ sign that sits on private property – Big babies, it’s the man’s private property. Ignore the sign and move on if they don’t like it …

2016-09-13_0947-lindsey-grahamWORLD NEWS

Nicholas Eberstadt: Kim Jong Un is hellbent on a nuclear war with the U.S.

German officials arrest three Syrian ‘refugees’ on ISIS mission

Luxembourg Foreign Minister calls for Hungary to be expelled from the EU over treatment of migrants – Who, exactly, is undermining European values? The country trying to preserve its heritage and keep its citizens safe, or the arrogant minister of a glorified city-state that serves no purpose other than being a tax haven for elites? Beyond absurd …

Sen. Lindsey Graham throws a hissy fit, holds up critical U.S.-Israeli defense deal over relatively trivial matter

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