News Ticker: Monday, October 31, 2016

2016-10-31_0444-trump-hillary-pumpkins2016 ELECTION

Thirty-four percent less likely to vote for Mrs. Clinton after new e-mail revelations – This is going to hurt her significantly. The question is, will Trump pick up all those voters? Do they just sit the election out in disgust, or maybe decide to do a write-in or go third-party? Is everyone just going to magically trust Trump – after an entire election season of him pissing 75% of the country off on a daily basis – because they’re upset at Mrs. Clinton? I don’t know, maybe. People have short memories and are very fickle … which is something that could also work to Mrs. Clinton’s advantage. Prediction: Whereas just a couple of days ago we were looking at a landslide victory, she now loses a few key swing states – Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Nevada – but squeaks by with 287 EV’s. Even if we take North Carolina out of her column, that still leaves her with 272 and I don’t see any other possibility for Trump to make up the difference …

Just three years ago, Trump penned CNN op-ed calling for open borders, ‘global unity’ – Isn’t this lovely? The one thing that I most agree with this jackass on, and now we have proof that he is lying through his teeth, just as I suspected. It’s really sad and pathetic to see so many being willfully conned, especially when the evidence of the con is staring them right in their faces. ‘But, Hillary,’ you say. Yeah, Hillary, she sucks, he sucks, this election sucks and we lose whichever way this goes. End of story …

Presidential election causes spike in crisis center calls – If only Mitt Romney were president right now, none of this would likely be happening. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton deserve to pay a heavy cosmic price for the pure hell they are putting this nation through …

APA survey reveals presidential election is a significant source of stress for more than half of Americans

Nearly a quarter of Millennials would prefer a giant meteor strike to a Trump or Clinton presidency, thirty-nine percent would prefer Obama as president-for-life – I’ll take the meteor strike over Obama-for-life, but this is a good indicator of just how out-of-touch these two candidates are with younger Americans …

(VIDEO) No matter how he downplays Hillary Clinton’s evil ways, Bill Maher has a great point here about Millennials and their ‘cynicism’ toward politics

Mark Levin asks if it is time to ditch the GOP – The Republican Party is going to live on in some form. What I see happening is the alt-right Trumpists forming a new party, leaving the rest of us holding the GOP bag, so to speak. We may even see, somewhere down the line, a split on the left, seeing as many on their side are not happy with Mrs. Clinton. American politics are in for their biggest realignment since the 1850s, and all bets are off on which faction will benefit the most in the long-term …

Right diagnosis, for the most part, but absolutely the wrong solution: Ten reasons we have Trump

Yes, American Democracy could break down, our system is more vulnerable to a demagogue than you’d think – I would argue that much of what is written about Donald Trump here also applies to Hillary Clinton. Neither individual is running for president of a free country, they are running to become dictator and break down the nation and its people for their personal ends. How, in all seriousness, does either think they are going to effectively run the country when they have sowed so much distrust and hatred? The only answer is by brute force and flouting the rule of law. As in Mao’s China and Stalin’s Soviet Union, both have ad hoc armies of goons ready, willing, and able to intimidate the general public into compliance with their respective leader’s madness. You Trump supporters out there are certainly expressing a great eagerness to hurt those who don’t share your goals and impose your will, and on the other side we have Black Lives Matter thugs saying they will riot and kill if Trump is elected. The streets are going to flow with blood. Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton are licking their lips in anticipation. Awful human beings …

Glenn Beck on why it is so important that conservatives distinguish themselves from the Putin-backed, ‘Neo-Eurasian’ alt-right

2016-10-31_0500-marijuana-chickU.S. NEWS

Though it seems just the opposite, one poll measures respect for police officers at a near all-time high – This has to be some sort of outlier, right? All I ever see and hear, anywhere and everywhere I turn, is cops being mocked and denigrated, including by the President of the United States. If true, though, then maybe I have a little more hope that the people of this country haven’t completely lost their bearings and morals …

Gallup: Record sixty percent of Americans support the legalization of marijuana


United Nations passes resolution to begin treaty for international ban of nuclear weapons – Sadly, such a thing could never be enforced. Especially when we consider it likely that certain terrorist organizations are in possession of their own arsenals. Sometimes I really do believe it’s all going to end in nuclear holocaust, especially of late …

Report: Global wildlife populations down 58% since 1970

ISIS using innocent civilians as human shields in Mosul

2016-10-31_0506-communist-babesCULTURE IN DECLINE

Poll: Millennials desperately need to bone up on the history of Communism – Stunning gaps between the Millennials and the Baby Boomers on their feelings toward socialism/communism and capitalism. My forgotten generation – Gen X – was, as usual, apparently not taken into account, but no matter. Only 42% of young people say they favor capitalism. Yet, for all their love of socialism, they know precious little about its murderous history: A third of them believe George W. Bush killed more people than Joseph Stalin, and 18% are entirely unfamiliar with the name of Stalin. 42% say they are unfamiliar with who Mao was. I won’t even attempt to put into words how scary this is: ‘Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it’ is not merely a cliche, and if one cannot immediately see how troubling such ignorance is, then one is likely part of the problem …

The rise of ‘soft’ Holocaust denial – As long as there are lowlifes, left and right, blaming the Jews for everything wrong, this is going to be a serious issue. And it is getting worse in an age where conspiracy theories have never been more prolific, while global tensions are reaching a level not seen since the 1930s. A recipe for another world war and possibly another holocaust, and I don’t see much effort being put forth in trying to stop it from happening …

American Express cuts funding for Roger Waters’ tour after his latest anti-Israel statements – In retrospect, it would seem all of the Fascist imagery in ‘The Wall’ was a reflection of Roger Waters’ true feelings toward the Jews, and not merely some creative crutch as I always believed. The man is consumed by hatred, and doesn’t seem to care if said hatred destroys him. It is really distressing to witness: I am not a fan of punishing people for their political views, and I have long loved Pink Floyd’s music, as well as numerous solo works by Waters. There’s a reason why Pink Floyd is the elite of the elite as far as rock music goes, and that’s because they were simply more imaginative and capable than anybody else. But to come to the realization, after all these years, that anti-Semitism is part of what was driving Roger Waters’ mad genius gives me pause. Wagner, as well, was driven by Jew hatred, but he was still an utterly brilliant composer. Floyd will simply never sound bad to my ears, but I’m no longer quite so eager to tout my fandom or under any illusions about what their lyrics – at least those penned by Waters – represent …

White Oklahoma teacher tells students, ‘to be white is to be racist, period’ – It is exactly this sort of hateful and irresponsible rhetoric from leftists that is driving so many Americans to the other extreme, and it needs to stop …

NYC school principal viciously attacked by student in incident involving headphones


Retailers reverse course on Thanksgiving openings following consumer backlash


A look at why the NFL’s television ratings are in decline

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