Ten-alarm blaze tears through Cambridge, MA

Photo: Peter Osbourne

From CBS Boston

Flames extended to as many as 11 buildings in the area and several cars, according to Cambridge Fire Chief Gerald Reardon, as more than 130 firefighters from 17 or 18 companies worked to put out the blaze. It’s unclear what the extent of the damage is.

Power was shut off in the area of the fire because of overhead wires, and was expected to be out for the majority of the night. According to Eversource, 1,659 people in the area were without power at one point. As of 9 p.m., that number had dropped to 869. Firefighters are working with Eversource to make a plan to restore power to as many buildings as possible.

One of the buildings on fire collapsed completely, while others suffered partial collapse. According to the fire chief, there was construction happening in one of the buildings. Another of the buildings engulfed in flames is an old church that has been converted to apartment buildings, but most of the buildings on fire were three-story homes.

Praise God there were no fatalities reported …

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