Information overload

2016-12-05_0139-information-overloadEver wonder how, with all the news and information at our fingertips today, Americans were somehow far better informed before the Internet and social media? Our mainstream media was much more balanced in those days, and needs to find that balance once again, no doubt. Yet, I’m becoming very disillusioned with this uber-libertarian, ‘wild west’ atmosphere on the Internet. And, admittedly, I’ve been guilty of being part of it at times and am doing some soul searching. Alternative media isn’t all it is cracked up to be: Not when distortions and outright fabrications are being presented as ‘news,’ where everything is based on emotion and not logic, and not when most of the wording of the headlines they use are not even worthy of a third-grader. Alternative media could be so much better than what it is, but right it is just pure anarchy. Perhaps if those in the alternative media took more inspiration from the real journalism we grew up on, adopting some standards instead of taking an approach straight out of the National Enquirer, then we would could make a start toward being an informed and literate populace once again.

Brian HughesHow to fake the fake news problem

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