Ivanka: Trump’s ambassador to liberal America

2016-12-06_0257-ivanka-trumpAll grown-up, but still Daddy’s Little Girl. No one on this planet has the man’s ear more than Ivanka Trump – who is posing herself as the incoming administration’s ‘climate czar,’ and now has gone so far as to have arranged a meeting between the President-elect and former VP Al Gore. Mr. Trump is clearly very fond of his little girl, and she gets what she wants. So, what could possibly be driving Ms. Ivanka’s thought process?

CNN reported Monday that Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, are moving to Washington. Anti-nepotism laws may prevent both from assuming official roles in the administration, but both are expected to take influential unofficial roles.

Ivanka Trump and her husband are believed to be the least conservative members of the Trump family. She has been pitched as a possible climate czar. It’s been speculated she has more moderate views on climate change than her father. The president-elect’s previous statements on climate change — including remarking that climate change was a Chinese hoax (which he later denied saying) — are controversial.
The whole climate change agenda will continue to move forward. And Ms. Ivanka is set to become a First Daughter nearly without peer. –
Instead, she will be in uncharted territory. “Margaret Truman sometimes took her mother’s place at ceremonial events,” said Jellison. “Pat Nixon’s younger daughter, Julie, would fill in for her sometimes. But here in the last century, we haven’t seen something like this where the first lady wants to live in an entirely different city and let the first daughter take that larger role.”
Knowing all this, how long will it be before Trump’s right-wing, populist base is at odds with this influential young lady’s liberal agenda, and possibly with the woman herself?
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