‘The destruction of free market allegiance in favor of economic tyranny’

2016-12-09_2033-trump-rallyBen Shaprio lays out how un-conservative ‘conservatives’ have become

Here are some rather disquieting poll results. Fully 57 percent of Republicans answered “agree” to the statement, “The free market has been sorting [the economy] out and America’s been losing.” 69 percent of Republicans say that it is acceptable for the president and vice president to “directly negotiate with private businesses,” which is definitional economic corporatism; 78 percent say they’re fine with Trump and Pence offering “tax breaks or incentives to individual companies to keep jobs in the US,” still more crony corporatism; 71 percent signed off on Trump and Pence offering government contracts to individual companies to keep jobs in the US, which is Obama-esque stimulus; 75 percent said they were fine with Trump and Pence negotiating with individual private companies on a case by case basis.

This is the destruction of free market allegiance in favor of economic tyranny, all because the person in office is named Trump, not Obama or Clinton. And Trump continues to push these messages – in his interview with Time, he called for more economic fascism as well as government “stimulus.” And Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a fellow who opposes corporatism so much that he once campaigned against ethanol in Iowa, now says that the corrupt Carrier cramdown is wonderful: “I think the American people are gratified to have an incoming president, an incoming administration, that will fight to keep jobs here in America…”

As Jim Pethokoukis of American Enterprise Institute tweeted, “We’re all Keynesians now.”

Shapiro goes on to document how ‘revenge politics’ is the order of the day, something to that ought to be anathemna to any true conservative. The right-wing is ascendant, but conservatism is on the ropes. It is up to people like us to keep conservatism alive, for all of these deluded souls are going to need something to fall back on when this little flirtation with Fascism falls apart …

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