Why should I care?

2016-12-27_0229-bored-catHaven’t been posting very much political stuff lately. I do want to simply state that what Obama did to Israel at the UN disgusts me to no end, and makes me fearful of the ramifications from On High for America. This evil bastard can’t be gone soon enough. As for the incoming president, I’m so over the whole thing, just incredibly bored with the guy and all of his lemmings. Truly, I really don’t care anymore, follow your leader off the cliff – those of you supporting him – I’m not going to bother with the ‘I told you so,’ though many other #NeverTrump folks will gladly rub it in your faces. No longer do I have any interest in changing any minds, whether those of the Trumpers or those poor souls on the left, because it’s a lost cause. I really don’t know at this moment, one way or the other, if I’m going to be focusing much of my time and attention on politics going forward. Chances are, I probably will, but I’m not feeling it right now. Nothing is going to change for the better until leaders with backbone and integrity are the norm instead of the exception, and in this day and age those are qualities that are hard to come by in just about any walk of life. We are more or less doomed – perhaps ‘doomed’ is too strong of a word, perhaps not – for another several years to come, but life is going to go on and I intend to make the most of it in spite of all these crazy people fucking everything up …

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One thought on “Why should I care?

  1. I think your attitude is healthy. Why should people not working in government care so much once they have voted? Isn’t the point of electing people to hand the job over to them, so we can focus instead on our own jobs, lives and families?

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