Secretary of State Kerry: ‘Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both’

2016-12-30_0425-netanyahu-and-kerryIsrael has been Jewish and Democratic since 1948. Judea and Samaria are ancient Jewish lands. There has never been a Palestinian state in all of world history. I’m not certain if John Kerry actually believes the b.s. spewing out out of his mouth or is merely doing his boss’ bidding, but these are appalling, ignorant, and hypocritical statements. Andrew C. McCarthy makes several excellent points here

Implicitly, of course, if Kerry is saying that a country with a Muslim minority cannot maintain its Jewish character and still abide by democratic principles, then neither can the United States maintain its Judeo-Christian character and still abide by democratic principles — notwithstanding that our Judeo-Christian character is the basis for our belief in the equal dignity of all men and women, a foundational democratic principle. It is a principle one does not find in classical Islam, the law of which explicitly elevates Muslims over non-Muslims and men over women.

He continues –

Of course, as things have worked out, we’ve seen that even Muslim minorities are not granted equal rights in these “Islamic democracies.” Concurrently, we watch Turkey, which gets less democratic and less respectful of minority rights as it becomes more Islamic. It is only in Israel, a Jewish state, that Muslims live with full democratic rights.

Lord have mercy upon us. We chose to put into office a man, Obama, who favors Islam over Judeo-Christianity, exposing the United States to God’s wrath. If a major natural disaster or some other calamity strikes this nation in the next few days or weeks, we will know why. Every single time the U.S. has tried to divide sovereign Jewish land, disaster has struck our shores. Meanwhile, the incoming president is giving lip service and saying all the right things concerning America’s relationship with Israel, but he also has the rabid support of America’s most rank anti-Semites and has made some curious comments concerning Israel and the Jews in the recent past. If I were Mr. Netanyahu, I would heed the words of Ronald Reagan when it comes to dealing with Trump: ‘Trust, but verify.’ Hopefully, Mr. Trump will be wise enough to maintain good relations with the Jewish state and not attempt to impose a ‘two-state solution’ upon them as Obama and his predecessors have, but he will be under a lot of pressure from the UN, certain members of Congress, foreign governments, and even some of his own supporters – namely, the ‘anti-Zionist,’ anti-Semitic conspiracy crowd – to eventually stab the Israelis in the back. Mr. Trump has an opportunity to earn respect, even admiration, by standing firmly with Israel and defying these powerful and malevolent forces, so let us pray he sticks to his word and reverses the current position of the U.S. government beginning on his very first day in office …

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