Predictions for 2017: If one is looking for optimism, go elsewhere

2016-12-31_1344-20172017 will continue the trend of 2016 of polarization, and it is only going to become more extreme. A ‘kinder, gentler society,’ as George H.W. Bush spoke of long ago, this will not be. Anger is boiling over, and we are past the point where it can be stopped. It is going to be a year of regression and repression. A major theme of 2017 will be the schisms in our society turning deadly. We have been careening toward civil war for several years now. Political violence has been on something of a rise – mainly from radical left-wing groups such as Black Lives Matter – but emboldened Donald Trump supporters on the populist right are going to be throwing their weight around in a more physical way, quite likely at Mr. Trump’s urging. Lawmakers in the Democratic Party will also openly encourage violence against their enemies. Conservatives – those of us who remain – will be targeted by both sides, perhaps especially by angry Trumpists upset that said conservatives are not going along to get along, while enraged liberals will refuse to make any distinction between the conservatives and Trumpists. There will be violence directed at mainstream media organizations. The innocent and apolitical will end up be the greatest victims, however, preyed upon by leftists and Trumpists alike. Expect an assassination or two of major political figures. Will police and military be able to maintain order, or are they going to choose sides? Chances are, even they will be divided among themselves.

As for this current stock market surge (or ‘Trump Rally’), the bubble is about to burst. The economy will collapse – partially by design, and partially by inertia. What is happening right now is simply unsustainable.

Any efforts to reform health care will be fruitless. Premiums will continue to skyrocket, prescriptions will remain unaffordable for many, millions will lose their insurance. It will be a disaster all around.

Drawing: J.D. Crowe

Future Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be a lightning rod for controversy, specifically on drug policy and race relations. Much like his boss, Sessions is going to overreach severely and it will backfire on him. Expect Sessions to initially dedicate his time and energy harassing those states which have chosen to legalize both medical and recreational use of marijuana. Eventually, though, far more pressing matters will force Sessions to make better use of his office.

Mark my words on this: On either his last day in office or close to it, President Obama is going to pardon notorious cop-killer and left-wing icon Mumia Abu-Jamal. I’ve been predicting this for years, and Obama will do this as a simple ‘fuck you’ to police officers and to the nation on his way out the door.

2016-12-31_1350-magogAs foretold in prophecy, Russia (‘Magog’) will join much of the global establishment in making moves against Israel (probably related somehow to the situations in Syria and Turkey), putting Mr. Trump in a very uncomfortable spot. Does he dare defy his master, Putin, while nearly all of the Republicans and Democrats in Congress – and his own Vice-President – will be putting extreme pressure on him to stand with Israel? Eventually, Trump could find himself facing impeachment and treason charges if he doesn’t stop playing footsie with our mortal enemies in Moscow.

Islamic extremism will continue unabated, killing thousands or maybe more all around the globe and most especially in Europe, further fueling the rise of nationalism.

Photo: AP

Another trend of recent years that will continue is the increase in extreme weather. For some reason, I am foreseeing extreme drought in many parts of the world, and with it severe food and water shortages.

A strange and deadly new disease will emerge, perhaps similar to the polio epidemic of the early 1950s or maybe closer in nature to the sudden AIDS plague of the 1980s (not necessarily a sexually transmitted disease or connected to lifestyle choices, but identical in its effects on the body.)

Will anything good happen? I don’t know. It isn’t likely we’ll have the sheer number of deaths of public figures that we had in 2016, for whatever that’s worth. There will be continued technological and medical advances, those it is far beyond my ability to see what those may be or what use they will be in a world on the verge of potential nuclear holocaust. Perhaps there will be great moment or two in sports. Maybe corporations and advertisers will be compelled to some extent to stop showing such contempt and disdain for consumers. Good things are always possible in our personal lives if we make the right choices and treat others with respect, incurring positive karma. Other than that, I’ve got nothing.

We are in the days of Matthew 24:12. Hearts are growing colder, people are becoming more selfish and greedy, inequality is increasing, governments are becoming more tyrannical, the culture is becoming ever more perverse and debased, social safety nets are collapsing, and global tensions are at a boiling point not seen since the late 1930s. This young Millennial generation that the culture revolves around now are utterly, shockingly soulless. Anyone optimistic about the days ahead is only setting themselves up for an epic letdown. In a broken world, things must get worse before any healing can begin. Turn to Jesus, He is our only hope and our only chance to somehow make this all right …

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