On This Date, May 5

1847 – The American Medical Association is formed in New York City

1891 – Carnegie Hall in New York City opens in grand fashion, featuring a performance by Tchaikovsky

1925 – John T. Scopes is arrested in Dayton, TN, for the teaching of evolution

1932 – Japan and China sign a peace treaty that would prove to be tragically short-lived

2017-05-05_2014 WWII sugar rationing Nestle propangada1942 – Sugar rationing begins in the U.S., and lasts the duration of World War II

1945 – As Nazi Germany lay in ruins and with Hitler dead, Admiral Karl Dönitz orders all German U-boats to cease all operations and to return to their bases

1955 – West Germany is granted full sovereignty by the post-war occupying powers of the U.S., Great Britain, and France

1969 – The Boston Celtics capture their 11th NBA championship, defeating their arch-rival Los Angeles Lakers in seven games

1973 – Secretariat breaks the two-minute mark in the Kentucky Derby

2017-05-05_1944 Led Zeppelin May 5, 1973 Tampa1973 – 56,800 see Led Zeppelin perform at Tampa Stadium

1995 – The final basketball game is held at Boston Garden, as the Orlando Magic defeated the Celtics, 95-92

2016 – A state of emergency is declared as wildfires rage across the Canadian province of Alberta

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