White supremacist ‘alt-right’ goons fight fire with fire in Charlottesville, reason and sanity nowhere to be found

2017-05-14_1423 Lee Park Charlottesville
Lee Park, Charlottesville, VA

Well, this is just a bit scary and a bit creepy. Torch-carrying goons, led by alt-right guru Richard Spencer, gathered at Lee Park in Charlottesville, VA, to protest the removal of Confederate war monuments, including a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee. The anger is not entirely misplaced: Robert E. Lee is an all-time great American military leader and was a gentlemen of the highest order. And he was deeply opposed to slavery, joining the Confederate cause only out of loyalty to his home of Virginia. He does not deserve to have his memory desecrated in the name of political correctness and should be honored always. The forces of revisionism that rewrite our history for their own twisted ideological purposes absolutely need to be opposed, but in a lawful and tactful manner. This is not what happened in Charlottesville, and sadly it doesn’t appear to be happening anywhere else. Let us not kid ourselves, ‘heritage’ is just a thinly-veiled excuse for these white supremacists to publicly indulge themselves and to intimidate African-Americans/other minorities, Democrats, sane Republicans, and anybody who is critical of President Donald Trump. General Lee is rolling in his grave knowing the rhetoric and actions being taken in his name. Richard Spencer is not even a native Southerner, and is currently a resident of Montana. While he did attend the University of Virginia and graduated high school in Texas, he is a native of Boston. Also, there are rather curious reports that the nationalist mob were chanting ‘Russia is our friend.’ It seems pretty obvious these were not local residents, but as is often the case with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrations (the exact flip-side of the same coin as these folks) outside agitators were organized to instill fear. America very well may be heading for a second civil war, but it it happens there will be nothing organic about it. For it will have been manufactured by malevolent forces on both the left and right, with help and guidance from foreign interests. If it can be definitively proven that the likes of Spencer – to say nothing of Mr. Trump – are being aided by Vladimir Putin, then they need to be charged with treason and subsequently hung …

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